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Susan Margulies

Professor of Bioengineering

Program Director

Susan Margulies is a Professor in Bioengineering, in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Her laboratory focuses on biomechanics of head injury in infants and toddlers, and in ventilator-associated lung injuries in adults, integrating mechanical properties, animal models, instrumented dolls, patient data, in vitro studies, and computational simulations to identify injury mechanisms, and develop clinical management and therapeutic strategies.  Dr. Margulies has trained 25 post-doctoral engineers and scientists, 26 graduate students, and dozens of undergraduates, and mentors 11 engineering and medical school faculty members. Trainees from the Margulies lab have pursued a range of career paths, including faculty positions in academia, engineering consulting, non-research positions in the FDA, and research positions in industry, academia, and start-up companies.

Glen Gaulton
Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Cell and Molecular Biology

Program Director

Glen Gaulton is a Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and Vice Dean and Director of Global Health in the Perelman School of Medicine. His laboratory focuses on an increased understanding of the molecular processes that regulate the infection and pathology of retroviruses, such as HIV, the impact of these infections on the immune system, and the detection of these infections using novel imaging and diagnostic approaches. Recent efforts in the laboratory are directed toward developing highly sensitive yet mobile, hand-held devices to detect HIV infection in blood and other body fluids in patients undergoing active therapy and/or participating in vaccine trials.  Dr. Gaulton has trained 12 BGS graduate students and 14 postdoctoral fellows, 5 who have pursued non-academic science careers.

Rebecca Maynard
University Trustee Professor
of Education and Social Policy

Program Assessment

Rebecca Maynard is a Professor of Education and Social Policy, Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a leading expert in program and policy evaluation, including the design and conduct of randomized controlled trials in the areas of education and social policy, and is a leader in the development and application of methods for conducting systematic reviews of evidence on program effectiveness. Dr. Maynard will lead the monitoring and evaluation of Penn Pathfinders to ensure timely, efficient program monitoring, to guide continuous improvement of the program, and to support summative impact assessments.