Courses and Mini-Courses

MTR/REG 621/CAMB 707 – Cell and Gene Therapy

REG 612 - Introduction to Drug Development

MTR 620 – Translational Therapeutics
SAS DYNM 603: Administrative Decision Making and Problem Solving   
SAS DYNM 604: Managing Enterprise Risk
SAS DYNM 619: Organizational Project Management 
SAS DYNM 624: Program Management Skills and Systems 
SAS ENV 631: Current EPA Regulatory Practices and Future Directions 
SAS DYNM 662: Entrepreneurship and Leadership: Creating WinnersSAS MMP 502: Medical Ethics/Government Regulation 
SEAS EAS 449: Product Development in Entrepreneurial Ventures 
SEAS BE 502: From Lab to Marketplace 
SEAS CBE 557 Stem Cells, Proteomics, and Drug Development  
SEAS CBE 562: Drug Discovery and Development    
SEAS BE 608: Translational Therapeutics
SEAS - EAS 545, 456 and/or 548: Engineering Entrepreneurship
SP2 NPLD 785 Group Dynamics and Organizational Politics

GSE EDUC 504 Contemporary Issues in Higher Education 
GSE EDUC 508.001 Managing People 
GSE EDUC 550.001 Education and Social Entrepreneurship 
GSE EDUC 601 Economic Aspects of Education Policy 
GSE EDUC 616.001 Foundations of Teaching and Learning (MS)
GSE EDUC 642 Higher Education in American Society 
BPP (with Graduate School of Education) Teaching Course (16 wks) course development, theory and philosophy of university teaching, evaluation instruments 
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