GSE EDUC 601 Economic Aspects of Education Policy
    GSE EDUC 508.001 Managing People
    GSE EDUC 616.001 Foundations of Teaching and Learning (MS)
    GSE EDUC 550.001 Education and Social Entrepreneurship
    GSE EDUC 504 Contemporary Issues in Higher Education
    GSE EDUC 642 Higher Education in American Society


    BPP (with Graduate School of Education) Teaching Course (16 wks) course development, theory and philosophy of university           teaching, evaluation instruments
    CTL Teaching Tool Workshops crafting lectures, gendered language, creating effective exams, using group work, incorporating           media to foster discussion, balancing research and teaching, teaching for student comprehension, planning productive                  discussions
    CTL Mini-course in College Teaching
    Penn-PORT semester-long mentored teaching experiences

Certificate Programs:

    CTL Teaching Certificate